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Adding events & special offers

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  • Don't add titles or other content with everything in capital letters except for proper names.  Titles must not be longer than 55 characters (incl. spaces).
  • Don't include any hyperlinks (email or website URLs) in summary/introduction text.
  • An image must be submitted.
  • When adding your address for the map location, don't add a suburb in the city/town field.  Somerset West, Gordons Bay & Simon's Town are suburbs of Cape Town!

Adding Special Offers

  • Only special offers for businesses with existing content in the Directory may be added.
  • The Venue field in the Location area must be filled in.
  • Special offers by Nightsbridge clients with a basic entry on CapeInfo (no contact details) must be available through their Nightsbridge booking system.  (Otherwise how do they book... without your contact details.)
  • If the special offer is non-commissionable and only available if booked directly, make that clear.
  • Do add the value of the discount.  If there is no discount, it is not a special offer!
  • Don't just state what the special offer is... sell it with a compelling description of your service or product!