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Kids Carnival Pop Up Theatre

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111 Main Road Muizenberg

Event dates

December 16, 2018
December 17, 2018


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An artistic and theatrical collaboration for children of all ages brought to you by The Joy Movement and hosted at the Imaginarium in Muizenberg. Folks and families  can come together to enjoy the inspired performances of children’s entertainment by award-winning Jungle Theatre Company and Nicola Jackman Productions - plus Psychedelic Theatre and Fresja and Friends in an epic black light show.

This magical two-day mini-festival of arts is set for the long weekend of Day of Reconciliation, this dynamic group of artists is super inspired to bring this epic co-creative, fun weekend of entertainment, to reconcile families and children with earth, creativity and community!

With plenty of parking at Checkers and opposite the Imaginarium, these two days will provide families with the perfect entertainment to fill up those “stay-out-of-the-sun” hours.

What to expect:

  • Interactive Theatre Shows and storytelling - for all ages
  • Fun and creative workshops - following each show
  • Interactive entertainment, including dancing and games
  • Light snacks and meals on sale and merchandising on sale

More on the Productions:

Python and the Qunube Tree by Jungle Theatre

An African tale set in ancient times, this is a story of the drought that nearly starved all the animals, how Python and Tortoise saved the day. Told through puppetry, masks and songs, this story teaches children the importance of sharing, perseverance and trust.

MAfrika – by Nicola Jackman and Fresja and Friends

MAfrika is the little being from the land of MinXa that uses her inTENtion to courageously grow love & joy with thousands. This Naledi nominated show has reached 15 000 people already throughout Africa and the world, and is now also a book.

The LooneyVerse, Vortex and Fresja’s Story by The Psychedelic Theatre and Fresja & Friends

An interactive black light story-telling show that takes you into the magical vortex story of Fresja - a precious little caterpillar who deals with bullying and tries to hide - until she discovers she’s more than what she expected…


R80 per show (this includes a workshop - 45min show and 45min workshop)

R180 all access pass (come to everything on both days)

Tickets available from Quicket: www.quicket.com


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