Promoting businesses during South Africa's Coronavirus Lockdown

CapeInfo can’t promote regular tourism during Lockdown Level 4, but we can help certain categories at this time.

The first we can help is self-catering accommodation. These are stand-alone cottages, houses, villas and lodges (and apartments in some instances) which can be let as longer term rentals. Given the situation now, CapeInfo recommends that suitable accommodation in this category should be made available for longer term letting.  Self-catering is excluded from the regulations - there is more info below.

Hotels, Lodges,  Guest Houses and Self-catering accommodation can add their establishments to the list of properties catering for essential service workers during the lockdown. You can also cater for people in quarantine.  See more below.

Government regulations for Level 4 and tourism-related businesses dated 30 April 2020.

 The full regulations for Level 4 can be dowloaded here.  What it says for tourism is:

[PAGE 21]

Places and premises closed to the public

     (2) Any place or premises normally open to the public or where people may gather, are prohibited. These include-

(f) hotels, lodges, bed and breakfasts, airbnbs', timeshare facilities and resorts, and guest houses, except to the extent that they are required for remaining tourists confined to hotels, lodges and guest houses;

(g) private and public game reserves except to the extent that they are required for remaining tourists confined to private and public game reserves;

(h) holiday resorts except to the extent that they are required for remaining tourists confined to such holiday resort;


[PAGE 24]


All persons who are able to work from home should do so. Persons in the following list of industries and activities will be permitted to perform work outside the home, and to travel to and from work, under Alert Level 4, subject to-
(a) strict health protocols, and social distancing rules;
(b) return to work to be phased in to enable measures to make the workplace COVID- ready; and
(c) return to work to be done in a manner that avoids and reduces risks of infection.

1         Accommodation not permitted, except for quarantine and essential services.


All properties on CapeInfo who participate are identified by the following banner:

isolation and long stay accommodation

Booking engines will not be used and all bookings will be commission-free.  Guests will make contact directly with the owner by phone or email.  All Full (paid) listings on CapeInfo show full contact details - website, phones, email, Facebook, etc. 

We believe that every booking will be handled differently, with different requirements which need to be discussed.

The paid listing options for accommodation are:

  • Basic Accommodation – R350 per year
  • Full Nightsbridge Accommodation –  R350 per year
  • Full Accommodation –  R550 per year
  • Click here to see all options

Longer Stays at Self-catering properties

Government says:

Coronavirus precautions

Who is this aimed at?

  • Residents in your province. (No cross border travel is permitted in Alert Level 4)
  • Elder persons or persons at risk, who want a safer environment for self-isolation, or extended quarantine after contact with an infected person, or for the duration of the State of Disaster.  Escaping a city flat in the epicentre of a virus infection to be able to talke walks in a garden or farm makes common sense and is good for mental health too.
  • Couples and families who can work from home and prefer a more spacious environment for the duration of the State of Disaster.  (Think of a dog which usually lives in an apartment and can walk outside anytime it wants to!)
  • (I know that if I didn't have the option to walk 250 metres to the front gate whenever I want to, with my dog, I would go totally crazy!)


  • Must be a Self-catering Property. CapeInfo has over 1,500 self-catering properties listed through Southern Africa out of 4,000 in all categories.
  • The Online Booking Engine will not be used for rentals since each rental will be tailmormade and by arrangement between the owner and renter. No booking commissions will be charged.
  • Only properties listed on CapeInfo as paid listings – where all your contact details are shown – can be used so bookings are made directly with you (since daily Nightsbridge rates will not apply). 

Catering for Essential service workers

A CPIC Certificate is not required for the establishment.  You do need permission to operate from the National Department of Tourism during Alert Level 4. You will be required to provide proof that the workers are performing essential services, and will be required to submit all workers’ details, with their ID numbers, and occupancy dates.  Permission can be obtained from the Department of Tourism (either Paul Mamola () or Keetso Makumbe () and the following should be included in your application (on company letterhead):

  1. The name of the company seeking accommodation (employer of essential services workers) with contact details
  2. Names and surname (ID copies) of the essential workers who seek accommodation.
  3. Expected date of check-in and to check-out.

In case of accommodation request by SAPS and SANDF, there will be no need for the details in No 2.

This is not an essential services permit, but an approval from the Minister of Tourism, and will suffice for SAPS.

Selecting and deselecting the option to show your participation

The option is only visible for listings with one of the paid options shown immediately above here.

Selection this option can be done on the admin/Edit Listing page for your listing.  It is under the "Entry info" section of that page:

Ticking the box means that the listing ...

  • will appear in the relevent searches for isolation/quarantine and  longer-stay accommodation during the State of Disaster;
  • will be idenfitied by this banner – 
    isolation and long stay accommodation 
  • will have fields for a "from monthly rental"
  • and a text box for Coronavirus-specific information – additional services & amenities, safety protocols, etc. (which is shown above).

If you want to ask questions or share ideas with others about how best to do this, please go to the relevent page in CapeInfo's Forum - click here.

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