What is the difference between Basic & Full Nightsbridge Listings?

Once you have someone on your page, surely you need to make it as easy as possible for them to contact you or make an enquiry?

With a Basic Nightsbridge Listing, no contact details or hyperlinks are shown (or permitted in the body of your content). Readers cannot make enquiries; all they can do is book through Nightsbridge on CapeInfo.

With a Full Nightsbridge Listing, all your contact details are provided: telephone, fax & mobile phone numbers; your email and website addresses, as well as Facebook & Twitter URLs. You can also show up to 5 videos and include up to 5 attachments (like PDF brochures, lists or magazine articles).

When full contact details are shown, the reader almost always clicks through to your website or calls/emails for further information. While the booking may be done through Nightsbridge, it is almost never done through CapeInfo but rather your own website. We don’t earn commission which is why we charge extra for the Full Nightsbridge Listing.

Establishments using the Full Nightsbridge Entry also get far more enquiries – simply because making enquiries is not possible with a Basic Nightsbridge Listing, where all a reader can do is book.

Basic Nightsbridge listings also get far fewer corporate bookings because many business travellers need a pro forma invoice before any booking can be made.

Can you imagine Southern Sun or Sun International closing their call centres and only relying on online bookings?

(Nightsbridge does not provide tracking of where a sale comes from in these instances, and does not operate the same way that an Affiliate System does).

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