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The Log in and Register buttons are at the top left-hand side of your screen.  You choose your own username and password when you register.


The email you use does not need to be the address that will be used for business enquiries.  It is linked to your username and where the confirmation email is sent for you to activate your account and receive server notifications about your account.

As soon as you have registered, please check your email that asks you to click on a link to confirm your email address.  (Check in your spam folder if this confirmation email doesn't arrive almost immediately.  It is good practice to add and to your email address book - to avoid our emails going into your spam folder.)

If you don't receive the confirmation email, you can have it resent by trying to log in with the username and password you provided. The only reason that you may not be receiving it is that you entered a different email address or one with an error. (Typing .coza instead of or typing a comma when there should be a full stop are the most common, so please check your email address carefully.)

Registration does not mean that you now have content in our Directories or have activated a Nightsbridge link.  It just allows you to start adding and owning content on the site.

Please ensure that your browser is set up to accept cookies and also has javascript enabled.  If you use your computer for internet banking, it is already set up.

on Tuesday April 22 by CapeInfo admin
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When you are logged in, the Register button is hidden and you see a welcome message and the Log out button.


If you leave the page for over an hour, that same welcome message will show although you have been logged out.  Refreshing the page will show the Log in button again. 

Don't try to continue working if you have left the page for a while - refresh it first and log in again otherwise all your work will be lost.

on Sunday April 27 by CapeInfo admin
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If you find that you can't login and you have already registered, it's because you requested a new password on a previous visit to CapeInfo. The links for Forgot Username and Forgot Password are in the Login section.

If you've forgotten yur Username or Password, you can also click on the direct link here: Forgot Username or Password

Forgot login

You do need to use the email address your registered with to receive a new username or password, and to receive a new Password, you do need to use your correct Username.

You can change this password to something easier to remember if you click on the My registration link in the USER MENU (linked from the top of the screen).

on Tuesday April 22 by CapeInfo admin
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This usually means that you have already registered. Try logging in with your email address and the passwords you usually use. If it says your password is incorrect, apply to have your password reset - click here.

on Tuesday April 22 by CapeInfo admin
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