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The Wolf Sanctuary

The Wolf Sanctuary

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The Lupus Foundation (a registered Section 21 Company – Non-Profit Organisation), trading as The Wolf Sanctuary, Tsitsikamma, supports the survival of the wolf around the world by:

  • Putting plans in place to preserve a healthy genetic strain outside its natural domain.
  • Teaching about its life and its association with other species.
  • Its dynamic relationship to humans.
  • Provision of a sanctuary and ultimately a “natural habitat” for captive wolves.
  • Public education on the value of ALL wildlife .
  • The importance of not removing animals from their natural domain.
  • The importance of ending hybridising (cross-breeding).

At the Sanctuary we try to provide our wolves with an environment as close to their natural habitat as is possible in the South African Climate. It is actually too hot for wolves here but as they are highly adaptable animals they do especially well in the cooler areas of our country.

The Sanctuary is situated on 3.7 hectares of land, housing the enclosures, with adjoining veterinary isolation camps.

The vegetation is lush and we remove as little of the natural ferns and trees as possible thereby still providing our animals privacy, but at the same time affording interested parties the opportunity of QUIETLY studying them.

There are about 40 wolves and wolf-hybrids at the Sanctuary.

Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary is NOT affiliated or linked in any way to any un-registered wolf sanctuaries in South Africa. Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary is the only Registered Non-Profit Wolf Sanctuary in South Africa.