Gansbaai Academia Shisanyama



Kampeer Street, Blompark, Gansbaai, 7220

Event dates

May 08, 2021
May 08, 2021


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028 007 0332
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Gansbaai Academia Shisanyama from 12:00-18:00

The Gansbaai Academia introduces a new function which is shisanyama. Gansbaai Academia is a school that’s diverse in its culture and language, and if there’s one thing that brings South Africans together it’s food. Not just any food, but braai (barbecued) meat that’s been prepared at a shisanyama. Shisanyama, which literally means burnt meat in Zulu, is the term used in townships to describe where people make and serve the braais. People from all walks of life flock to shisanyamas, whether they’re the CEO of a successful company or a general worker, and if there’s one place that doesn’t grade you on who you are in the outside world, it’s a shisanyama. This will be a fantastic attraction as our learners and their parents can experience the liveliness and authenticity in the heart of our sports field, and if they aren’t welcomed by plumes of smoke from the braai, they’re surely at the wrong place. The objectives of the event are 1. To promote South African culture and ensure that our customers braai quality meat receiving excellent service in an environment that undoubtedly exudes style, class and dignity. 2. To Fundraise for our school