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Tourism & Hospitality in the Age & Aftermath of Coronavirus

Tourism contributed about R130 billion to South Africa’s GDP in 2018. The sector helps to offset the national balance of payments’ deficit and accounted for more than 1.5 million jobs. The impact of coronavirus and government's lockdowns is expected to see the loss of 1.1 million tourism jobs in South Africa. That is nearly 75% of the tourism industry....

Tourism is not just about holidays. In Johannesburg alone, the retail value of cross border shoppers is put at about R10 billion a year. No other industry benefits the overall economy as much.

Government is throwing tourism under the bus. It is the expendable loss in this disaster. What is does show is that government is too stupid to understand tourism.

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Please read this before you post anything
by admin
12 May 2020 11:10
Keeping businesses alive - a checklist and finding funding
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SA Tourism is talking about a Recovery Plan. Is that naive? Are we looking at a new normal?
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Re: South Africa is failed by its tourism leadership
13 May 2020 17:54
How will air and local travel change and how will different sectors change as we embark on a "new normal"? Add your questions!
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What steps need to be put in place so you can safely restart your business? Social distancing will be here to stay for a long time - at least until vaccines become available - but what other steps can be introduced to make your sector safe and ready for business? What innovations can be introduced to make your sector more relevant to the needs of tourists and business travellers?
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Businesses which have successfully tackled the challenges of coronavirus. Please let us have suggestions to add here.
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Tourism & Hospitality in the Age & Aftermath of Coronavirus

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