Moonshadow Gift & Coffee Shop

Moonshadow Gift & Coffee Shop
The Blue Room at Moonshadow
Beads at Moonshadow Gift Shop
Gifts at Moonshadow in Swellendam
Hand-crafted Bracelet at Moonshadow Gift Shop
Cappuccino at Moonshadow Coffee Shop
Moonshadow Coffee Shop - Berry Tart
Moonshadow Gift and Coffee Shop
Moonshadow Coffee Shop décor
Décor at Moonshadow Coffee Shop
Tranquil garden at Moonshadow in Swellendam
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36 Murray Street

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Christine or Shanu van der Berg

Now in Swellendam, for almost a decade Moonshadow graced the alternative decorating landscape of Cape Town, creating a music of its own as a feature of famous Greenmarket Square and trendy Obs.

Patronised by those of adventurous or decidedly different good taste, its stunning bead curtains, beaded jewellery and finely hand-decorated pots and jewellery boxes were frequently displayed by major boutiques and showcased in television programmes and magazines.

In the heart of the Overberg, barely 200 km from Cape Town and nestling against the Langeberg Mountains, lies the beautiful historic town of Swellendam, virtually at the gateway to the spectacular Garden Route. Established in 1795, it once showed its individualistic tendencies when its city fathers declared it a republic, independent of their masters in the Cape.

Today this preparedness to be different is reflected in the abiding ethos of Moonshadow, a small jewel in the crown of tranquil Swellendam, an oasis of magic and surprise which has resisted the forces of conformism and has blossomed to become an art studio, gift shop and vegan coffee garden notable for its flamboyance, classy funkiness and flair. Owned by our Kenyan-born artist, Moonshadow offers carefully-selected imported objects of beauty, equally suitable either as small gifts or as distinctive decorative pieces for the discerning buyer. These are enhanced by the numerous unique items created in our studio, ensuring a constantly regenerating selection of desirable objects often surprising for their inventiveness and quality of workmanship.

Headed by an innovative barista who received chef’s training in Majorca, Coffee@Moonshadow offers superb cappuccino, espresso, teas, light lunch, and cake (baked in-house), stylishly served overlooking our magical garden with a soothing fountain as its centre-piece. This being the country, be prepared for sightings of many birds and butterflies, sundry frogs and faeries, and the occasional chameleon!


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