CapeInfo is independent and privately-owned, has been around since 1997 and is an internet gateway to southern Africa.  Other websites have come and gone, making wild promises along the way.

CapeInfo has received many accolades.  Internet guru Ronnie Apteker picked CapeInfo as one of his favourite websites and the old MSN search engine named CapeInfo as its "preferred pick".

Credible, authoritative & insightful content

CapeInfo editorial has no "puff-pieces", just honest accounts that give readers real insight. Often controversial, it is for thinking, demanding readers.

CapeInfo's editor has over 30 years' experience in tourism and destination brands. Other contributors are experts in their fields. And CapeInfo's User Reviews allow people like you to have their say on destinations and products too.

Content-rich; high traffic

BUSY!  daily peaks:
11,000 visits
42,000 pageviews

Google records CapeInfo having 2,400 pages of content, so it is a website with substance.  It is also a busy website – daily traffic peaks at 11,000 visits and 42,000 pageviews.  While growth was restricted in 2007, CapeInfo has a current bandwidth allowance of 200Gigs a month which is extendable.

The website grew out of Cape Town's V&A Waterfront, and the wider geographical need for information.   We also learned early on that visitors look for far more than just the usual tourist information – they also look for credible, insightful content.  Many Europeans and Americans research their destination thoroughly, arriving with a detailed itinerary.

Not just Cape; CapeInfo is a regional gateway
Accommodation establishments in other provinces and neighbouring states are also now adding themselves to CapeInfo's directory.  Cape Town is a global icon and South African's main international Internet gateway.  CapeInfo has benefited from this and is able to give advertisers access to a global audience.

Visitors do look for more than just accommodation.  They look for destinations with varied activities and interests, with great dining and unique, local shopping.  Visitors are also investors.  We never forget a former CEO of Wesgro saying that more foreign investment stems from a holiday in SA than anything else.  We aim to provide useful information for business travellers too!

Serving locals first; international traffic follows
CapeInfo is as useful for locals though.  Where is the next weekend getaway; what can one do with the family this weekend; who sells unusual products?  Our events calendar was one of the best around and extremely popular (some 14,000 visits a month).  It has just been upgraded.

New Platform and Server
CapeInfo upgraded its Content Management System platform and server in September 2009.  The new platform only uses semantic code which is as search engine friendly as one can get.  (That's why we avoid flash files - search engines can't read or index them.)  It is also far more interactive so visitors to the site can participate to a far greater degree.

The server upgrade gives 200Gigs of bandwidth a month and greatly improved processing power since we no longer use a shared server solution.  We also took the opportunity to relocate the server to a new datacentre outside London, UK, to provide blistering fast speeds to our major international markets - the UK and European Union.

Maps everywhere

CapeInfo makes extensive use of interactive Google maps and businesses in CapeInfo's directory are located on these maps.  GPS co-ordinates are not required; rather, since a business' location can be dragged to the correct position on the map, GPD co-ordinates are provided.

CapeInfo Directory

Example of a directory page

The directory is the basic building block for all content on CapeInfo.  Content from these page is also used and linked from other editorial content and in newsletters.

All types of businesses from anywhere in southern Africa are welcome to add themselves.  (Click here to find out how to add a new business.)

There are several types of entries that businesses can choose from, and the cost ranges from commission-only for Nightsbridge clients to a full entry that costs R550 a year (R45 a month!) where no commission or further fees are charged.  Read more...

The full directory entry includes

  • full and hyperlinked contact details - phone, mobile, fax, email and website
  • unlimited text
  • inclusion of videos
  • image gallery with up to 12 photographs
  • logo at the top of the page.
  • location map
  • special offers text box
  • features text box
  • awards text box
  • affilliations and memberships text box
  • price range for accommodation establishments
  • inclusion in up to five different categories

Search box on every page

Visitors can search either the directory or the whole site in a number of different ways.

Almost all businesses in the directory are located on CapeInfo's maps and there are overviews by province or business category to locate businesses geographically. Visitors can zoom in on the maps to show smaller areas down to street level.

Searches of the directory only can be conducted from the prominent search box on every page in CapeInfo.  These searches can find businesses based on category, city/town, province, country, accommodation rates.  Proximity search and additional search criteria will be introduced soon.

There is also a search box to search the content of the whole website.

CapeInfo was one of the first websites to offer online editing for advertisers in 1999.

Yes, there are websites where you can get free hosting of a web page, but do they actively promote the businesses they host?  Do they have comprehensive search facilities that help visitors to find what they want?  Remember the adage that "the best-kept secret on the Internet is a website address."

User reviews add credibility

User Reviews
User reviews add credibility and provide useful additional information.  Anybody who registers on the site can add their reviews on businesses in the directory, destinations and events.

FAQ and Support Forum
CapeInfo is a self-help site - businesses add and update their content themselves.  So there are detailed instructions and useful tips for doing everything on the website, as well as preparing general marketing material for businesses. The Frequently Asked Questions section is located under the Help navigation tab.

The Support Forum is a place where you can ask questions or comment on questions that have been asked.  CapeInfo is committed to building a vibrant community that shares information and learns from each other.

CapeInfo's newsletters are very highly regarded.  To subscribe to newsletters for free, click here.

Banner Advertising

CapeInfo has a sophisticated AdServer that can target ads for specific geographic locations and advertisers can chose the frequency that any ad is displayed.  This helps contain costs.  Advertisers receive automated weekly or monthly reports directly from the server, shows AdViews and AdClicks.