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Saying Goodbye to Eskom is cheaper than you think

CapeInfo’s Smarter Living Project started off to determine what one really needs to go off the electrical grid — is it  as expensive as  people say or, if one adapts one’s lifestyle, is it affordable or… even cheaper.  Off-the-grid in this case meant no external electric sources at all — no Eskom, no municipal connection. Continue reading

Surely the cheapest hot water system there is!

Hot water from the outset was an absolute necessity because I’m not good at cold showers.  And seeing I hadn’t worked out all the options, I certainly didn’t have a long-term plan.  So I wanted the cheapest, fastest solution which I wouldn’t have any hesitation in just throwing away or recycling after a month or two.

So here’s my R130 hot water system!  Can that be beaten price-wise?  It’s 100 metres of the cheapest 16mm irrigation pipe, coiled flat on the ground in a circle as tightly as I could.  It has a diameter of 1.8 metres but could be a little less.

Hot water coil

The hot water coil. It was neater before a storm and strong winds, so the hothouse cover is probably a necessity. 
It needs to be tidied up again so that all the piping is fully exposed to the sun.

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