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Saying Goodbye to Eskom is cheaper than you think

CapeInfo’s Smarter Living Project started off to determine what one really needs to go off the electrical grid — is it  as expensive as  people say or, if one adapts one’s lifestyle, is it affordable or… even cheaper.  Off-the-grid in this case meant no external electric sources at all — no Eskom, no municipal connection. Continue reading

So what is smarter living all about?

In the USA, “Smart Homes” are all about convenience and consumption.  In South Africa (and much of Europe) there is a far greater focus on sustainability and renewable energy… on being greener.

CapeInfo set out to discover the feasibility — and economic realities — of going off the grid.  Is saying goodbye to Eskom (SA’s power utility) an easy and affordable transition?  We’re starting with the basics to see how cheaply one can live off the grid and then expanding capacity to cater for all the normal household items… and winter.  We look forward to your comments and suggestions as the project unfolds over the coming months.

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